Written by W. Glyn Evans, Do you need a word of encouragement and hope?
Daily With The King offers 366 revealing, personal messages that will stir you, strengthen you, and bring you closer to God, the King, in a way you never imagined.
Each word has been crafted by Glyn Evans, who, for many years, has been spending quality, daily time with the King.
Whether you've been away from God for a while, or you're looking for a way to keep your daily devotions fresh, you now have a new appointment book. Start by reading today's date and work your way through the entire year.
Finally... a new reason to spend a few minutes with the King...
He's waiting to meet you!

Please choose the month from the drop down box below& then the day from the 2 boxes on the corresponding page. Spending time with the Lord is invaluable. It is our hope that you will be blessed in your time with the King!

31 Days of Praise

Draw Closer to God Through a Lifestyle of Praise

Written by Ruth Myers, 31 Days of Praise is down to earth book that inspires and motivates
you to praise from the heart.

Spending time with the Lord is invaluable. If you don't know how to begin to praise the Lord, this
devotional will open the path for you.