Believe & Live: The Faithful One / 8.20.2017

Believe & Live: The Faithful One / 8.20.2017

Jesus confrontation with his foes

John 18:1; 4-7 After saying these things, Jesus crossed the Kidron Valley with his disciples and entered a grove of olive trees…Jesus fully realized all that was going to happen to him, so he stepped forward to meet them. “Who are you looking for?” he asked. “Jesus the Nazarene,” they replied. “I am he,” Jesus said. (Judas, who betrayed him, was standing with them.)  As Jesus said “I am he,” they all drew back and fell to the ground! Once more he asked them, “Who are you looking for?” And again they replied, “Jesus the Nazarene.”


Jesus concern for his friends

John 18:8-11 “I told you that I am he,” Jesus said. “And since I am the one you want, let these others go.” He did this to fulfill his own statement: “I did not lose a single one of those you have given me.”

Then Simon Peter drew a sword and slashed off the right ear of Malchus, the high priest’s slave. But Jesus said to Peter, “Put your sword back into its sheath. Shall I not drink from the cup of suffering the Father has given me?”


Jesus at the High Priest’s House

John 18:12 So the soldiers, their commanding officer, and the Temple guards arrested Jesus and tied him up. ”


For those claiming to uphold the law, there were 43 violations of the law in the Trials of Jesus!


The High Priest Questions Jesus

John 18:19-22 Inside, the high priest began asking Jesus about his followers and what he had been teaching them. Jesus replied, “Everyone knows what I teach. I have preached regularly in the synagogues and the Temple, where the people gather. I have not spoken in secret. Why are you asking me this question? Ask those who heard me. They know what I said.” Then one of the Temple guards standing nearby slapped Jesus across the face.


Peter’s Denials of Jesus

John 18:17; 25-27 The woman asked Peter, “You’re not one of that man’s disciples, are you?” “No,” he said, “I am not.” …Meanwhile, as Simon Peter was standing by the fire warming himself, they asked him again, “You’re not one of his disciples, are you?” He denied it, saying, “No, I am not.” But one of the household slaves of the high priest, a relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut off, asked, “Didn’t I see you out there in the olive grove with Jesus?” Again Peter denied it. And immediately a rooster crowed.


Jesus’ Trial before Pilate

John 18:29-30 So Pilate, the governor, went out to them and asked, “What is your charge against this man?” “We wouldn’t have handed him over to you if he weren’t a criminal!” they retorted.


Pilate and Jesus (18:33-38a)

Pilate: “Are you the king of the Jews?” he asked him.

Jesus: “Is this your own question, or did others tell you about me?”

Pilate: “Am I a Jew?” “Your own people and their leading priests brought you to me for trial. Why? What have you done?”

Jesus: “My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom.”

Pilate: “So you are a king?”

Jesus: “You say I am a king. Actually, I was born and came into the world to testify to the truth.

Pilate: “What is truth?”


Pilate and the Jews (18:38b-40)

Pilate: “He is not guilty of any crime…Would you like me to release this ‘King of the Jews’?”

The Jews: “No! Not this man. We want Barabbas!”


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